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The Room

The Room
Duration: 03:08

Where do memories go when they are lost? Are they still where we left them, if we don’t recall them? In this room, as private and irrevocable as our memory, objects animate a series of scenarios. A memory floods the room, another struggles to disclose itself, another one leaks back and forth in time. The idea of the ‘other’ hovers between what has already passed and what is reminisced every time. We never recollect events and spaces as such. We always enliven recollections in our own way. Through constant evocations that seek to perpetuate the existence of the ‘room’, memories converse with space and time, as well as with a part of ourselves. Either as past, forgetfulness or loss, they always contain something that is already gone.


Visual Design: Angeliki Malakasioti, Sound Design: Apostolos Loufopoulos, Curation: Konstantinos Tiligadis, Department of Audio and Visual Arts, Ionian University

Angeliki Malakasioti is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Audio & Visual Arts, Ionian University. Her research and artistic activities emphasize on the fields of digital image and composition, cyberspatial experience, speculative design, digital media and audiovisual representations. Apostolos Loufopoulos is a composer, sound designer and music producer, Assistant Professor at the Department of AudioVisual Arts. He writes electroacoustic music, music for theatre and sound art for visual arts. His artistic contribution includes 18 international awards, 15 discography publications and numerous appearances at important art events worldwide. Konstantinos Tiligadis is Vice president & Associate Professor at the Department of Audio & Visual Arts, Ionian University, with interest in art and technology as an expressive medium. He is a founding member of the ASIFA HELLAS organization for Greek Animation, artistic director at the International Animation Festival ΄ICONA΄ in Corfu, as well as member of the organizing committee of the University Festival of Digital Arts - Department of Audio and Visual Arts.

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