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The participation of the Ionian University was organised and implemented by the Laboratory of Interactive Arts 'inARTS' under the direction of Associate Professor Andreas Giannakoulopoulos, President of the Department of Audiovisual Arts of the Ionian University.

The coordination of the action was undertaken by the assistant professor Angelos Floros, while the scientific supervision of the participations was undertaken by teachers of the Department of Audiovisual Arts. The final selection of the proposed works was made by a committee of the Athens Digital Arts Festival.

Works were submitted in the categories: Animation, Video Art, Documentary, Audio, Audiovisual and Interactive Installations.



Curators: Konstantinos Tiligadis, Associate Professor,  Maria Krigka EEP

These animations are the result of selected work from graduate and postgraduate students of Audiovisual Department, Ionio University. Works from established artists associated with Audiovisual Department are also included. The techniques used range from stop - motion and clay animation to 3D works. Though complex and demanding, animations are a result usually of the work of one person or rarely a small team dealing with preproduction and postproduction issues. These films represent each a whole different visual world thus creating a universe of characters and atmospheres.


Anastasia Manou, Dimitra Delfi, Chariklia Sakellari, Paradisis Alexandros Angelakis, Nousis Vasilis, Alexandra Papantonopoulou, Pantelis Paradisis, Paraskevi Andronikidou, Koutivas Panagiotis, Natalia Kokkinou, Georgina Kosmatou, Konstantinos Vachlas, Sideris Stavros, Panagiotis Charalampus, 

Argiris Zachos, Athanatios Giovanoudis, Labrini Loukaidi, George Chatzelis, Dimitris Armenakis, Aggeliki Ioakimidou, Phaedra Derizioti, Emmanouil Fotinos Ioannidis, Fotis Kolokithas- Vasilis Politis, Ioannis Salfountidis, Angeliki Malakasioti, Apostolos Loufopoulos, Konstantinos Tiligadis, Kalantzi Christina, Dimitra Delfi, Papa Alkistis-Maria, Kokkoli Niki, Matsagka Chrysanthi, George Sampsonidis



Curators: Konstantinos Tiligadis, Associate Professor,  Maria Krigka EEP

These video art movies are the result of selected work from graduate and postgraduate students of Audiovisual Department, Ionio University. Participation of established artists associated with Audiovisual Department is also present. Through a variety of means and editing techniques, students and artists approach casual or uncanny themes in a skeptical manner. Video art is the means to enclose conceptual art, image, sound and filming in the same condensed package.


Vasilis Alexandrou, Martha Gogakou, Kefala Evangelia, Apostolaki Vasiliki-Natalia, Maria Tsiroukidou, Nikos Kokkalis, Stefanos Papadas, Andreas Mniestris, Cynthia Gerothanasiou, Pantelis Xenofontos, Despoina Alexopoulou, Orestis Dimopoulos, Eftychia Kondyli, Barakari Sissy,Bill Psarras, Erietta Kokkini , Periklis Lazarou



Curator: Maria Chalkou, Adjunct lecturer

This section is a selection of documentaries made by under- and postgraduate students of the Department of Audio & Visual Arts of Ionian University, Corfu. It includes short films shot in the context of the course “Documentary: History, Theory & Practice”, graduation theses and a postgraduation project (MA: “Audiovisual Arts in the Digital Era”). All documentaries employ, in creative ways, a wide spectrum of research and artistic methods to treat “actuality”, such as observation, interviews, archival material, reenactments, as well as essayist and poetic forms of narration.


Spyros Kavvadias, Evgenia Pouli, Marina Satanaki, Melina Schina, Aris Melachroinos, Georgia Zabelaki, Dimitris Gkrintzos, Margarita Chalakatevaki, Konstantina Messini, Alkistis Georgiou, Eviroula Dourou, Myrto Gatsiou, Viron Dolas, Katerina Dimopoulou


Sound Art

Curator: Apostolos Loufopoulos, Assisatnt Professor


The context of these sound projections, combined with video or being sound alone, has been created utilizing audio samples, recordings, foley techniques, sound synthesis etc, which has been materialised throughout practical courses at the Ionian University.

The creation of original soundtracks often embodies the language of electroacoustic music for the design and co-existence between sound effects and musical elements, proposing a unified, musical development of sound over the image.


Maria Stella Lemoni Theodorou, Dimitrios Agathopoulos & Bikakis Athanasios

Thanasis Epitideios, Dimitris Geliniotis, Panagiotis Tsagkaroulis, Elena Georgiadou, Michalis Constantinou, Magda Kandiliari, Alexia Simati, Vaggelis Pandis, Josef Kloos


Audiovisual and Interactive Installations

Curators: Angelos Floros, Assisatnt Professor, Marianna Tzislaki Kotsanou (mkaza) Guest

The facilities come from the newly established Lifelong Learning Program OPEN ART of the Ionian University. The courses of the first cycle were completed last July. Students participate with interactive and audiovisual installations designed and developed during the curriculum. OPEN ART had the pleasure and honour to host as a teacher the young artist Marianna Tzislaki Kotsanou with the course ‘Performing & Interactive Arts in Public Space’.


Martha Gogakou- Mykhailo Stadniichuk, Paterakis Iason, Manoudaki Nefeli, Simillidou Savvina, Ioannidis Marios, Paraskakis Theodoros, Christoulakis Marios, Angelina Oungrini, Liapi Marianthi, Konstantinos- Alketas Oungrinis, Vazakas Fotis (Dreamfacta), Annamaria Galani

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