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Curators: Angelos Floros, Assisatnt Professor, Marianna Tzislaki Kotsanou (mkaza) Guest

The facilities come from the newly established Lifelong Learning Program OPEN ART of the Ionian University. The courses of the first cycle were completed last July. Students participate with interactive and audiovisual installations designed and developed during the curriculum. OPEN ART had the pleasure and honour to host as a teacher the young artist Marianna Tzislaki Kotsanou with the course ‘Performing & Interactive Arts in Public Space’.

Martha Gogakou- Mykhailo Stadniichuk, Paterakis Iason, Manoudaki Nefeli, Simillidou Savvina, Ioannidis Marios, Paraskakis Theodoros, Christoulakis Marios, Angelina Oungrini, Liapi Marianthi, Konstantinos- Alketas Oungrinis, Vazakas Fotis (Dreamfacta), Annamaria Galani

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